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Stories of King Arthurs Knights Told to the Children

Children's Literature

More than four hundred years ago, there lived a diligent man called Sir Thomas Malory, who wrote in English words many of the beautiful Welsh tales about King Arthur’s Knights...

Poor Richards Almanac

Featured Recordings

A brief biographical sketch of Franklin's life, followed by a collection (published in 1899) of 670 aphorisms, apothegms, or proverbs - short, pithy, instructive sayings - that were scattered throughout...

Jack and the Check Book

Children's Literature

A small collection of timeless and humorous fairy tales.

The Inventions of the Idiot

Featured Recordings

This humorous story by the editor of Puck magazine describes how the Idiot sets out to improve the lot of civilized man through his inventions - the lot of barbarian...

Children Stories

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

In the first of Hugh Lofting's Doctor Dolittle books, we are introduced to the good doctor who gives up treating people after Polynesia, his parrot, teaches him animal languages. His...

The Baby's Opera

A collection of 14 childhood songs and unique illustrations chosen from "The Baby's Opera" and "The Baby's Bouquet" containing classic nursery rhymes from England, France, and Germany. The songs are sung...

Young Folks' Bible in Words of Easy Reading

These are sweet stories of God's word in the language of children.

Wee Ones' Bible Stories

This is a short book of Bible stories for children.

Our Little Irish Cousin

Children's Life in Other Countries Published 1907 - With the home of our Irish cousins we are not very familiar, but with our Irish cousins themselves we have a better...

Our Little Australian Cousin

Children's Life in Other Countries Published 1908 - Australia, though a continent, is a part of the Empire of Great Britain. A few years ago it was a wild country...

Featured Stories

The Kitten's Garden of Verses

The Kitten's Garden of Verses is a book of short poetry, modeled after Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses.

The Brotherhood of the Seven…

A series of linked short stories involving what may well be the world’s first female diabolical criminal mastermind.

Christmas Roses

A beautiful collection of pretty little poems.

Hollywood: Its Morals and Manners

Theodore Dreiser's shocking four part expose on the motion picture industry. In it, he shares his observations from his extended stay in Los Angeles, and gives us an intimate look...

The History of Don Quixote…

Don Quixote is an early novel written by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Cervantes created a fictional origin for the story in the character of the Morisco historian, Cide...

The Mystery of a Hansom…

“The following report appeared in the Argus newspaper of Saturday, the 28th July, 18-- “Truth is said to be stranger than fiction, and certainly the extraordinary murder which took place...

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